A storm in the sea

Nicolas Jacques-Conde is credited with inventing the modern pencil in the eighteenth century. While the pencil became a common item in artists’ studios to create preliminary sketches, it was rarely used as the sole medium for a finished art piece. Today, however, pencil drawing has very much become an art form in itself.

What I love most about pencil drawing is the lack of colour. The black and white colour scheme is mysterious and it precisely portrays the emotions that the thought of a lone ship in the middle of the sea evokes in me.

Leave your comments down below and do send in your artwork.

13 thoughts on “A storm in the sea

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  1. Beautiful work abhigya….though I dun know much about art n music but ur blog was very informative n very well written….great work dear


  2. Brilliant Abhigya!! Proud of you….keep it up…each n every artwork of your’s is just amazing


  3. Amazing creations abhigya…all of your work has a deep meaning attached to it…its a sign of a true artist.Keep it up..👍


  4. Brilliant work Abhigya! Each one is unique n I loved The Book of Kells. U r a perfectionist in whatever u choose to do.We r proud of u n congratulations on your new blog.U r using this time so creatively. Loved the piano session as well n would love to hear Bella Ciao on your piano.


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